Testery is a quality assurance testing platform for website or software based programs. Businesses and customers expect that websites, apps, API’s and software are always working in the background, but what happens when something goes wrong? In 2015, Starbucks was forced to give away $3 million in free coffee because of a simple system error. To prevent these problems, $1.2 trillion and countless hours are spent annually across the globe on quality assurance and testing alone.

Testery seeks to streamline quality assurance testing process and make it easier to do. Using their online, plain-language platform users can select tests, run them, and even automate them for continuous testing, all without any coding language whatsoever.

Led by founder Chris Harbert, Testery received investment in October 2017 as a part of the first ever Missouri Tech Challenge, a “Shark Tank”-style pitch event sponsored by the Missouri Innovation Center and funded by the MIC Accelerator Fund. Testery was able to launch its online testing platform and earn a profit in its first year. Chris continues to utilize the facilities and mentorship opportunities at MIC to grow his business further.

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