PepPro Analytics conducts independent research for varying clients using multiple reaction monitoring of peptide reactions with controlled isotopes. Using powdered biological samples and protein sequence information, PepPro Analytics provides absolute quantitation of the amount of protein present in a sample.

Peptide Measurement

Peptide measurement by QQQ mass spectrometry has six major steps.

  1. Peptides are separated by liquid chromatography.
  2. Peptide mixtures are introduced to the mass spectrometer.
  3. The desired precursor mass is isolated by the QQQ, expelling all other undesirable precursors.
  4. The precursor mass is fragmented.
  5. The desired fragment masses are isolated by the QQQ, expelling all other undesirable fragments.
  6. The signals of the fragment masses are measured, providing an intensity value useful for quantitation experiments.

PepPro Analytics benefits from a relationship with Missouri Innovation Center by gaining access to extremely expensive equipment used for liquid chromatography and quantitation of peptides. By having access to a private wet lab and shared lab spaces within our facility, they have been able to expand their services and scale research capabilities based on project needs.

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