Bill Turpin


With over 30 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, Bill has the insight and connections to help launch successful companies. Over the course of Bill’s career, he has identified and led the market in significant technology shifts, including Windows, the Internet, and 3D virtual worlds. One of his startups pioneered the use of dynamically created web pages and invented the JavaScript programming language. He has been the founding CEO of 4 startups and a senior executive at respected public companies including Netscape and Borland.

Over his career, Bill has financed, acquired, and sold a variety of high-tech companies. He has successfully secured investments from prominent venture capitals firms, including Kleiner Perkins, and was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Redpoint Ventures. He participated in the groundbreaking Netscape IPO in 1995. And along the way, Bill has served as a mentor and angel investor to many Silicon Valley startups. Bill moved back to Columbia in 2014 to share his experience with promising entrepreneurs and build on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mid Missouri.


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