Commercializing or industrializing new research concepts is a daunting set of tasks across an unfamiliar landscape for most scientists and researchers. This is where we come in. Our staff of highly qualified business professionals have garnered years of experience assisting high growth and scalable startups from the ground up in business planning, financial acquisition, employment strategies, production and manufacturing, and continued research and development.


Our organization is operated from within the 33,000 square feet. MU Life Science Business Incubator at 1601 South Providence Rd. As the facility’s operational arm, we house over 25 businesses and provide remote services for several others. Our incubator has multiple wet labs available for access to all residents, an animal science corridor for our animal science related business residents, and access to shared conference rooms.

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Through Missouri Innovation Center, our residents receive access to multiple wet labs within our facility at the MU Life Science Business Incubator at Monsanto place. They receive access to mentorship and support in developing business plans, production models, and raising capital for faster business growth. Residents receive access to University of Missouri laboratories and facilities for any necessary research or testing. The total resources we offer provide an effective and affordable office solution for bio-tech and tech start up companies which has been ideal for a number of our residents and has even attracted businesses from outside of the state and the U.S.

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Over the years Missouri Innovation Center has assisted our residents in raising millions in financial support from independent investors, angel investment groups, grants, and other sources. Our team is well versed in how to properly package a proposal or grant in order to receive the funding you need to launch your technology business. We work closely with Centennial Investors and many of our residents are partnered with Centennial Investors for capital support and early seed funding to begin production or commercialization.

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