The Mid-Missouri Technology Incubator provides investment capital, coaching, and facilitates for startups developing mobile applications, software, and internet services.

Our Tech Incubator is focused primarily on the use of mobile applications and Internet services to provide new solutions in healthcare, precision agriculture, media, education, financial services, and online marketplaces. We like to get involved with companies that have identified and are already developing an innovative new solution. We prefer startups with complete teams – but can help find and recruit additional team members. We prefer companies that are located in Missouri or willing to relocate to Missouri.

Starting in 2016, The Missouri Innovation Center expanded its role to support startups in the technology space. Before this, MIC was primarily focused on life science startups in medicine, agriculture, energy, and devices.

With the University of Missouri nearby and so many highly talented students graduating with degrees in Business, Journalism, and Computer Engineering – our location is the perfect place to facilitate this type of incubator. We will continue to provide more information as our plans are expanded.

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