AG BI Tech

AgBiTech is an Australian company that creates biological insect control solutions. Their products use biological control mechanisms, such as baculoviruses, to allow growers to target crop pests. They use both technology and farming knowledge to deliver an effective, reliable, easy to use, and environmentally safe product.

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NanoElectromagnetics LLC (NanoEM), located in Columbia, MO, specializes in the custom development and production of high voltage capacitors and compact antennas incorporating high dielectric constant composite materials. NanoElectromagnetics is a resident business of the Life Science Incubator at Monsanto Place. Additional collaborations with institutions and commercial partners are rapidly advancing.

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Elemental Enzymes

Elemental Enzymes is a manufacturer specialized in the production of enzymes specifically designed for survival and activity in harsh conditions. Also, they create customized enzyme solutions for common contaminants found in the environment, as well as the creation and production of enzymes for non-environmental applications.

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Tiger Energy Solutions

Tiger Energy Solutions, LLC creates a novel continuous-flow saccharification process to optimize the current process and design of saccharification, demonstrate the process in a laboratory-scale environment, and to show that the process is feasible to produce in a commercial-scale environment. The end goal is to minimize the spending for transportation fuels in future commercialization.

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The Equinosis® mission is to assist and equip the equine practitioner by developing and providing wireless sensor solutions for collection of biological data useful in the diagnosis of equine disease. Equinosis® LLC was founded in 2007 in Columbia, Missouri with its first objective to make the Lameness Locator® available to equine veterinarians and to elevate the quality of care, health, and well-being of horses.

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Tensive Controls

Tensive Controls is a privately held, research & development stage company. The company is committed to the development of therapeutic agents for the control of metabolism and the cardiovascular system, and has assembled a team of business and scientific leaders to reach its goals.

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Eternogen aesthetics

EternoGen Aesthetics is a clinical stage medical device company that has developed a transformative pipeline of first-in-class liquid collagen tissue products to restore lost dermal tissue. Their mission is to bring advanced natural choices to aesthetic medicine – beyond toxins and fillers – for naturally reinforced skin providing long term health and radiance.

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peppro analytics

PepPro Analytics an independent research facility that aims to provide highly effective non-biased protein allergen testing service to different parties related to the seed biotechnology industry and researchers collecting allergen expression for potential future government regulation.

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