Elemental Enzymes

Elemental Enzymes is an exceptional company that resides within our facility at the Incubator and they have been up to some very exciting things over the last couple of years. Elemental Enzymes specializes in producing enzymes that allow for survival and specific activity in harsh conditions outdoors and in industrial facilities. Elemental Enzymes develops customized enzyme solutions for common contaminants found in the environment, as well as the creation and production of enzymes for non-environmental applications.

Currently the company has made major strides towards production of their first product which is an enzyme compound that has shown to increase crop yield by 10% in harsh conditions. This is extremely exciting in the sense that their product could potentially have a significant impact on crop sustainability and resilience without utilizing genetically modified seeds or other potentially unsafe methods.

Co-founders Brian and Katie Thompson received the Missouri SBTDC Rising Star of Innovation award in 2012 and have since expanded the business to begin production in 2015 in the St. Louis area. Currently, they plan to maintain their research laboratories in at the MU Life Sciences Incubator and continue developing new enzyme based products that can effectively reduce or remove contaminants in environmental situations.

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