Elemental Enzymes

Elemental Enzymes is an exceptional company that has mostly graduated from our facility, but still keeps an office residing in the Incubator and they have been up to some very exciting things over the last couple of years. Elemental Enzymes specializes in producing enzymes, peptides and biochemistries for use in commercial agriculture driving the use of sustainable inputs.

In recent years the company has launched 14 commercial products including many enzymes that increase crop nutrient efficiency and one of the first peptide biopesticide products. All of our products are sustainably produced and break down into safe by products. Elemental Enzymes rigorously tests all products in multisite in-field trials over several years with the goal to provide growers with sustainable products that are effective and reliable in the field.

Co-founders Brian and Katie Thompson received the Missouri SBTDC Rising Star of Innovation award in 2012 and have since expanded the business to begin production in 2015 in the St. Louis area. Currently, they plan to maintain an office at the MU Life Sciences Incubator and several locations in St. Louis including an R&D facility, Head Quarters and Manufacturing site.

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