FAQ Accelerator Fund

What types and stages of startups does the Accelerator Fund invest in?
The Accelerator Fund invests primarily in early-stage companies with a well-defined technology-based product or service. Our program is focused primarily on the development of mobile applications and Internet services to provide new solutions in healthcare, precision agriculture, media, education, financial services, and online marketplaces. Ideal candidates are companies that have identified and are already developing an innovative, new solution.

How will my company benefit from partnering with the Accelerator Fund?
In addition to investment capital, the Accelerator Fund provides clients with additional amenities, such as optional facilities, shared equipment, and free mentoring services with experienced entrepreneurs and incubator staff.

How much will you invest? What is the structure?
The Accelerator Fund will lead investments up to $50,000 in growing ventures. In return, companies will enter into a convertible note agreement or an equity purchase agreement. Teams that achieve their milestones and gain traction are eligible for follow on funding, up to a total investment of $100,000.

Is there application fee? How do I apply?
No application fee is necessary! You can apply for funding right now by submitting an application to our online application portal, through f6s.

How many companies have received an investment from the Accelerator Fund?
The Accelerator Fund has been investing in new ventures since 2016. More than 15 companies have received an investment. Learn more about these companies on our website under the Clients page.

How are companies selected for investment?
After company applications are submitted, they are reviewed by MIC staff for a preliminary assessment. Top candidates are then selected to move through our diligence process, which involves a thorough analysis of the company, value proposition, team, and business strategy. This occurs bi-annually in the Fall and Spring.

What is your diligence process?
The Accelerator Fund uses a wide variety of resources to perform a quality level of due diligence, which may be more extensive than similar programs. We utilize student teams, including graduate students in the University of Missouri Crosby MBA program, to perform thorough research on your market, customer, and business model. After speaking with you to learn about your company, teams will typically interview 25 or more potential customers and industry experts to validate your proposed solution. Teams will also explore your financial models and expense forecasts.

To further add value to your company, we will share our diligence results with you whether you are selected for an investment or not. For those that aren’t selected, we provide a list of key concerns and encourage you to reapply once you have addressed them.

When will I know if I’ve been selected?
Our initial review of submitted applications typically occurs within one month after your submission. Selected companies will receive an f6s message or email in the Fall or Spring with further instructions about our diligence process. Do not worry if your company is not selected right away. We consider all our active applicants for every diligence round, so you still may be selected for the next session. If you would like to know the status of your application, please Contact Us through our website.

Does my business need to relocate?
The Accelerator Fund prefers companies that are located in Missouri or companies willing to relocate to Missouri. While we do not require companies to relocate to Columbia, it may be the best thing for your business.

Through the Mid-Missouri Tech Incubator, we offer facilities, business services and valuable mentorship opportunities. And with the University of Missouri next door, you can help build your team with the many highly talented students graduating with degrees in Business, Journalism, and Computer Engineering. Our location may be the perfect place to facilitate the type of growth your startup will need.

Will you sign an NDA? How can I be sure my idea is protected?
The Accelerator is receiving new applications constantly, so it is impossible to sign an NDA with everyone who applies. We encourage you to apply to our program, but urge you not to disclose any proprietary information. Get us excited about your business or product without giving away the recipe for your secret sauce.

If I am turned down, should I apply again?
Absolutely YES! There is no downside and no restriction on applying more than once. Many of the most successful founders do not make it on their first try, but those that worked hard and kept making progress on their business ultimately succeeded. To support founders in this effort, part of our diligence process for companies that do not receive investment includes recommended areas of improvement. Teams are strongly encouraged to address these areas and reapply for the program.

If you are interested in applying for funding, please complete an application for the Mid-MO Tech Incubator.
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