Hatching high-growth ventures

Mizzou researchers and alumni are working with the Missouri Innovation Center to cultivate and advance their startups.

The University of Missouri is fostering high-growth ventures by leveraging the Missouri Innovation Center to support researchers and alumni in transforming their academic discoveries into commercial successes. With a focus on creating startups that bridge the gap between research and practical applications, the initiative provides a comprehensive support system, including incubation facilities, mentoring, business counseling, and funding opportunities.

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About Aina Zaresheva

Aina Zaresheva earned her B.S. degree in English as a Second Language Teaching from Saratov State University in Russia. She also has a Master's degree in Russian Arts and another MA degree in Spanish Language Teaching, both from University of Missouri - Columbia. Aina has 7 years of language teaching experience. In 2023, she joined the Missouri Innovation Center as the senior office support assistant.