The Missouri Innovation Center is searching for our next VP/COO. 

The primary purpose of this position is to manage two departments, the MU Life Science Business Incubator and the incubation/technology commercialization programs delivered by MIC.  Tasks includes operational and fiscal responsibility for a 33,000 sq. ft. lab/office facility and supervision of two full-time staff positions.  Additionally, time is spent coaching, mentoring, and otherwise advising entrepreneurial clients on all aspects of business including business planning, licensing, commercialization, and equity financing.  This position is responsible for generating revenues from leasing space, contracting with state and/or federal agencies, submitting various grants and receiving these awards. The position interacts and serves various mentor, coaching and teaching roles with related university and community programs including the NSF I-Corps Affiliate and Regional Programs.

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Hatching high-growth ventures

Mizzou researchers and alumni are working with the Missouri Innovation Center to cultivate and advance their startups.

The University of Missouri is fostering high-growth ventures by leveraging the Missouri Innovation Center to support researchers and alumni in transforming their academic discoveries into commercial successes. With a focus on creating startups that bridge the gap between research and practical applications, the initiative provides a comprehensive support system, including incubation facilities, mentoring, business counseling, and funding opportunities.

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We are thrilled to announce that the Missouri Innovation Center (MIC) has been awarded the prestigious Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) EPIC Round 3, Phase 1 Award! The EPIC program, funded by the DOE Office of Technology Transitions, recognizes MIC’s dedication to fostering innovation and driving energy technology advancement.

MIC was awarded for their development of a comprehensive plan to support energy startups and entrepreneurs and define their metrics for success. Now eligible for Phase 2, MIC has the opportunity to implement their novel support plan and create a continuation plan worthy of selection for a cooperative agreement. Selected EPIC Round 3 Phase 2 winners will then be invited to negotiate a cooperative agreement with OTT worth up to $1 million. 

This recognition highlights our commitment to accelerating the growth of startups and entrepreneurs in various sectors, including energy technology. With this award, we are poised to expand our efforts in supporting promising startups, fostering partnerships, and driving innovation in the energy sector.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Department of Energy for their support and recognition of our initiatives. We also thank our partners, stakeholders, and the community for their ongoing collaboration and encouragement.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future!

About the Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions

The Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) is one of the largest supporters of technology commercialization in the federal government. Founded in 2015, OTT bolsters the technology industry’s market skills and enables clean energy technologies to progress through research, development, demonstration, and to deployment into the private sector to meet our nation’s climate goals. Visit us at to learn more, and subscribe to receive our latest opportunities and accomplishments via email. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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COLUMBIA, MO – The Missouri Innovation Center (MIC) is honored to be among the eight recipients of the most recently awarded funding through the Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity (MOBEC) grant program by the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC).  As part of MTC’s initiative to enhance Missouri’s innovation economy and entrepreneurial capacity, the MOBEC grant program targets organizations that align with the strategic goals set forth in the MTC Catalyzing Innovation Report, expanding the state’s entrepreneurial capacity and growing its innovation economy.

The MIC’s mission is to support and empower entrepreneurs in Mid-Missouri, aiding in the creation of high-growth ventures that positively impact lives and stimulate the economy. We offer high-growth entrepreneurs access to customized mentoring and coaching and incubation facilities, including wet laboratories, shared lab equipment and resources, and office spaces. Through this MOBEC Operations Grant, MIC will enhance our current incubation support services launching three new pivotal programs to further support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region.

The Missouri Innovation Center is grateful for the support from MTC and looks forward to making the most of the MOBEC Operations Grant to enhance our impact. Together, we are paving the way for a more innovative and prosperous Missouri.

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The Missouri Innovation Center (MIC) is proud to be awarded one of six Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) Physical Infrastructure Grants. MIC, in collaboration with the University of Missouri, manages and operates the MU Life Science Business Incubator. As Central Missouri’s only provider of wet labs and full-cycle, life science commercialization services available to high-growth ventures, this grant is a great win for our entrepreneurs from the community, the University of Missouri, and anyone from afar wanting to take advantage of the outstanding resources available at MIC. Funds from the grant will help us operate, maintain, and improve the 33,000 sq. ft. life science business incubator. MTC grant support is critical in helping us offer below-market rates while delivering exceptional tech commercialization and incubation services. Read more about the MTC grant and recipients at the following link: MTC Announces Physical Infrastructure Grant Recipients – Missouri Technology Corporation

MTC Awardee Physical Infrastructure August 8, 2023

Mediacom Business quenches the thirst of tech startups at the Missouri Innovation Center with a dedicated Gigabit fiber connection.

Bill Turpin, President and CEO of the MIC, said there are minimums for his facility to be a player in the high-tech startup business. “It’s critical for next generation companies to have uninhibited access to the Internet along with reliability, and Mediacom Business has provided the broadband infrastructure that has allowed us to be a player in this space.”

To read the full press release, click here.

One of the biggest challenges facing our local healthcare providers is that small, suburban and rural hospitals, including those in Columbia, have great difficulty sourcing and procuring customized drugs as big pharmaceutical companies focus primarily on large, urban markets. Apollo Care founder James Krogman, along with Jarred Dudding, recognized this problem and are addressing it by launching Apollo Care to provide Missouri hospitals with solutions tailored for their needs. This attention to the needs of customers in smaller markets is one of the things that sets Apollo Care apart from the competition.

Hospitals, eldercare facilities and other customers will definitely enjoy a great deal of benefits when starting a partnership with Apollo Care.  The company will be their dedicated, local supplier for identifying and customizing medications including those that might not be commercially available, providing on-demand ordering and flexible door-to-door delivery. With the support from Apollo, the workloads of in-hospital production will be significantly lessened and in return, hospitals will have more resources to invest in patient-care directed activities. Additionally, Apollo also offers the patient-specific compounding, which can be made exclusively for one patient on a one-time basis. This service is filling unmet needs of mid-Missouri healthcare centers, surgery centers and long-term care facilities for drug customizations at patient levels.

What makes Apollo Care unique is not only the niche market they are currently targeting, but the level of commitment and investment they have made in product testing and high-tech compounding infrastructure that enables them to also produce standardized drugs. Along those lines, Apollo engaged a third-party quality assurance agency in their product testing process to ensure that their products are, at a minimum, in compliance with FDA regulations or exceed industry standards such as USP 797. The company’s commitment is to provide a reliable, local delivery while still being able to achieve the highest of patient safety.

The Missouri Innovation Center accepted Apollo Care as a client in September, 2015 and the company became a resident member in January, 2016.  After just nine short months, the company graduated and now has two facilities.   Apollo Care currently has approximately 4,500 ft² at one location, which includes a 1500 ft² cleanroom/lab. The second location is approximately 750 ft² featuring a 400 ft² cleanroom/lab. The company initially expects to supply four to six products (IV antibiotics, analgesics and oncology medications) growing to provide more than a dozen different types of drugs in the upcoming years.  Further in the future, Apollo Care will expand their business to include veterinary applications.

Post written by MBA candidate Yen Le while on assignment to MIC.

As of today, you can download the StoryUP VR application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store (in addition to the Oculus GearVR store), a major step for the growth of the virtual reality start-up that began its journey at the Missouri Innovation Center. Sarah Hill, StoryUP’s founder and CEO, describes the company as a positive media platform that utilizes virtual reality technology to immerse users in stories and experiences that have a positive influence on the user and society. StoryUP, is currently focused on utilizing the platform to relieve baseline symptoms of anxiety in hospitals, Veterans homes, and chemotherapy clinics.

StoryUP’s most recent VR film, See Beyond Labels, commissioned by Facebook, premiered at the Oculus House during this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Are You Listening, supported by Empowered by Light and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, premiered a month earlier at the Dubai Film Festival. The company has also succeeded in securing clients including Google, Facebook, and Humana for their immersive media experiences. The StoryUP crew recently returned from Haiti, where they captured the impact of the Haitian Earthquakes on children who lost their music school and instruments. This spatial audio VR film, in association with London’s Aurelia Soundworks, will be released later this year on all VR platforms.

In November of 2016, one of StoryUP’s many philanthropic projects, Honor Everywhere, made national news. This virtual reality experience, supported by Jaunt and Central Missouri Honor Flight, aims to give veterans who are unable to travel an opportunity to experience memorials built in their honor. Since the CBS news story, the response has been overwhelming. In response, StoryUP is teaming up with National Honor Flight to ensure that the hundreds of requests pouring in from the family and friends of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans do not go unheard.

Whether it be through positive media stories, full-length VR films, virtual memorials, or immersive therapy, StoryUP is making an impact on the emerging virtual reality market – one that Missouri Innovation Center is proud to be a part of.

Download the StoryUp VR application from iTunes and Google Play.

Post written by MBA candidate Sean Miller while on assignment to MIC.

Mediacom Business, a division of Mediacom Communications Corporation, today announced an agreement to provide a dedicated fiber connection with Gigabit internet speeds to the Missouri Innovation Center. The agreement with the MIC is due in part to a company-wide initiative called Project Open Road, a significant capital expenditure to proactively connect more businesses to their network and provide the level of broadband capacity that is critical for commercial and research facilities like the MIC. Mediacom Business’ Gigabit+ Fiber SolutionsTM will provide the 1-Gig internet speeds to power next-level technology like precision agriculture, live augmented reality and other cloud-based services.

You can view the press release here.

The Missouri Innovation Center has completed the second investment round of investments from the MIC Accelerator Fund. The investment committee approved funding of five additional companies. At this point, 10 investments have been approved since the MIC Accelerator Fund was formed in July 2016.

The most recently selected companies include:

    Lifeblood by Adam Weber and Philip Rawson – Lifeblood is a software development firm that builds a suite of business tools that apply well-known gaming principles to business processes.
    StaffedUp by Billy Giordano – StaffeUp is a web-based staffing solution for the hospitality industry, focusing on application tracking, management and networking.
    Ulytic by Billy Martin – Ulytic uses proprietary computer vision software to turn ordinary traffic cameras into sophisticated traffic sensors.
    Maply by Jeff Orr and other students from the Journalism School – Maply is a location-based platform for sharing and viewing nearby events. It makes it easy to create interactive maps for large events such as festivals and conferences.
    PlusOne by Josh Kaplan – PlusOne is an event based dating app with the goal of promoting actual dates.

All of the new companies focus in digital technologies, internet services, data analytics and software. All of them have their roots in Mid-Missouri.

More information on the MIC Accelerator Fund and the online application can be found here.