A majority of the businesses that currently reside in the MU Life Science Business Incubator are bio-tech and health or animal science related businesses. Typically these types of businesses have been attracted to the research facilities we house and the resources available to them through the University of Missouri. With a common goal of improving human life, many of the businesses that get involved with Missouri Innovation Center are in the process of manufacturing or commercializing new products or technologies that could improve our standard quality of life.

High Growth Industries

Missouri Innovation Center overall has historically targeted high-growth industries and businesses that foresee a need to scale up very quickly as they move into production. Our goal as an organization is to attract and grow businesses in the Mid-Missouri area in order to create more high paying technical jobs in our region. Most health science or animal science related businesses will need to hire employees and staff members rapidly as they move into production of their products. We facilitate this growth by attracting interest from capital resource providers, by assisting with grant applications and grant writing, and by providing all necessary research facilities needed to work towards mass production.

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