AdSwapper is a free web app that enables mobile users to protect themselves from advertisers, who are constantly tracking personal customer data. The app runs in the background transparently, as a personal ad firewall. With this protection, users are able to control the level of data they expose to advertisers and they get paid for the ads they have to see anyway!

AdSwapper believes that users deserve to be partners, not targets, in the online advertising industry. Their product gives users control over their ad viewing experience and guarantees they will be compensated for their time and attention. The company aspires to revolutionize the ad industry as we know it by establishing user compensation as the industry standard, allowing their users to GET CONTROL and GET PAID.

AdSwapper received its first investment from the MIC Accelerator Fund in October of 2016. With this support, the company was able to solidify its team, build the product, and officially launch AdSwapper in July of 2017. Just months later, AdSwapper secured follow-on funding from the Accelerator Fund as a winner of the first Missouri Tech Challenge. Already they have over 60,000 user installations and have filtered over 150,000,000 ads.

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