Tensive Controls, Inc.

Website: https://endevicabio.com/

Tensive Controls specializes in utilizing custom peptide compounds, instead of traditional drugs, to treat cachexia in human cancer subjects. Cachexia is a wasting disease that is common with cancer and leads to extreme weight loss, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness, and extreme loss of appetite.

Historically doctors have utilized traditional drugs to treat these symptoms which is often ineffective. Tensive Controls has patented and developed an approach for the development of melanocortin drugs free of the side-effects that have limited their utility. Hyperactivity of the brain melanocortin system is the proximate cause of most, if not all, forms of cachexia. By controlling brain melanocortin system activity, our drug candidate ameliorates cachexia, with none of the cardiovascular or behavioral side-effects that have limited drug development in this field.

Dr. Ken Gruber, CEO and founder of Tensive Controls, has been working with the melanocortin system since 1982 and has published over 20 professional articles on his research and findings within this field. Originally located in Research Park Triangle, North Carolina, Tensive Controls relocated to the MU Life Sciences Incubator in 2011 to take advantage of our research facilities and facilities available through the University Of Missouri.

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