Equinosis was founded in 2007 in Columbia, MO with a goal in mind to create the Lameness Locator System they had envisioned while conducting research at the University Of Missouri. The system they created was based on research using high speed cameras and a treadmill based system to review a horse’s gait and evaluate the subject for lameness.

Equinosis has been working with Missouri Innovation Center to further develop their technology and to provide wireless sensor solutions that are non-invasive to be used in collection of biological data that is useful for the diagnosis of equine disease.

Their team has further developed their system which is now in use by equine specialists worldwide. The system involves multiple wireless sensors, a software system created by their development team to evaluate sophisticated algorithms in relation to the subject’s gait, and all accessories needed to easily use the system at varying locations. The system has come a long way since it’s conception and we are excited to see how this company continues to expand. Residing at the MU Life Science Incubator, they are able to take advantage of research facilities at the University Of Missouri veterinary school and make use of the resources available to them through Missouri Innovation Center.

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