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Dr Jake Halliday recently joined Tensive Controls as CEO and Chairman. Dr Halliday will assume corporate business and management tasks along with Tensive founder, Dr Ken Gruber, who will continue as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr Halliday served on the Board of Missouri Innovation Center from 1993, and as its CEO from 2004 – 2014. Dr Halliday led the effort to design and build the MU Life Science Business Incubator at Monsanto Place during his tenure as CEO. He was also instrumental in recruiting Tensive Controls as a resident client. Dr Halliday was CEO of ABC Labs in Columbia, MO from 1993 – 2003 and VP for Pharmaceutical Business Development at Battelle (1984 – 1993).

Tensive Controls has a platform technology based on a class of peptides, named Melanocortins, that control metabolism hence regulate weight. Tensive Controls has received innovation R&D grants from NIH for development of a drug to reverse the loss of lean body mass experienced by cancer patients (cachexia). Melanocortins and related peptides also have antimicrobial properties and Tensive Controls is funded by USDA to innovate peptide antimicrobials as an alternative to the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture. Tensive formed a subsidiary, named Animal Health Specialties, in 2014 to deliver targeted solutions for both companion and production animals.

Tensive Controls moved to Missouri from North Carolina has been a resident client of the Missouri Innovation Center since 2012. Tensive has received investment from Centennial Investors and Missouri Technology Corporation.

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