The Missouri Innovation Center has completed the second investment round of investments from the MIC Accelerator Fund. The investment committee approved funding of five additional companies. At this point, 10 investments have been approved since the MIC Accelerator Fund was formed in July 2016.

The most recently selected companies include:

    Lifeblood by Adam Weber and Philip Rawson – Lifeblood is a software development firm that builds a suite of business tools that apply well-known gaming principles to business processes.
    StaffedUp by Billy Giordano – StaffeUp is a web-based staffing solution for the hospitality industry, focusing on application tracking, management and networking.
    Ulytic by Billy Martin – Ulytic uses proprietary computer vision software to turn ordinary traffic cameras into sophisticated traffic sensors.
    Maply by Jeff Orr and other students from the Journalism School – Maply is a location-based platform for sharing and viewing nearby events. It makes it easy to create interactive maps for large events such as festivals and conferences.
    PlusOne by Josh Kaplan – PlusOne is an event based dating app with the goal of promoting actual dates.

All of the new companies focus in digital technologies, internet services, data analytics and software. All of them have their roots in Mid-Missouri.

More information on the MIC Accelerator Fund and the online application can be found here.

About Bill Turpin

Bill is CEO of the Missouri Innovation Center in Columbia, MO. With over 30 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in Texas and California, Bill moved back to Columbia in 2014 to share his experience with promising entrepreneurs and build on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mid Missouri.